The Pfefferschiff owes its existence in great part to a combination of faith in God and daring:  Some 300 years ago, a poor business journeyman sacrificed his entire savings to buy from Venetian merchants a ship thought lost at sea, in the hope that it might actually not have sunk. Saint Anthony, the patron saint of lost things, was indeed kind to him, the ship returning safe and sound to the port of Venice, fully loaded with spices, above all with immensely expensive pepper.


That young man, Johann Anton Kaufmann, was suddenly rich and, as a gesture of thanks, built in Söllheim a small chapel to honor St. Anthony, the parsonage for which would soon become an inn, and today provides the unique setting for the Pfefferschiff, one of the best restaurants in all of Salzburg province.

Special Occasions

Whether birthday, company celebration, christening or anniversary – the Pfefferschiff is delighted to host custom-tailored events in-house as well as provide catering services at the venue of your choosing!



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Inspired by seasonal menu variations, current dishes and house specialties, delectable anticipation is a big part of any enjoyable dining experience.



Cooking Courses

Seasonally focused all-day cooking classes from a professional offer tips and tricks for refined dishes that are also easy to cook at home.